//diy deodorant update

San Diego is known for its gorgeous weather. I'm talking sunny days with that cool breeze - it's honestly perfection. Well, apparently there are some really hot days sprinkled in there too. I'm talking HOT.

This one random, out-of-the-blue hot-hot-hot day, my sister and brother came into town and we decided to go to the farmer's market. Now, if you read my earlier blog post about my DIY deodorant, you'll know that while it's effective in scent, it is absolute not an anti-perspirant. So this particular hot day, we head out to the farmers market and I am just miserable. I am sweating like crazy!! My underarms were so wet, it was gross. This picture may look like I'm enjoying myself, but I was really very uncomfortable...


The very next day, the A/C went out at work, and there I am again...sweating profusely...this time in a blazer. I immediately starting googling non-toxic deodorants and I landed on Schmidt's. I had never heard of this company, but they were on Amazon, and it was available for SAME DAY DELIVERY, so you better believe that I threw in a Killers record, a business card holder, and a few other unnecessary random stuff so that I could reach my $30 minimum for same day delivery! I needed underarm respite, and I needed it fast!


I haven't touched my DIY deodorant since then. I wish I could say it was sufficient, but even though it has almost the same ingredients as the Schmidt's deodorant, it doesn't function the same! I do like the Schmidt's - although I would still like to try other brands. I think Primal Pit Paste is my next stop. The downside to Schmidt's is that while it's pretty effective, it comes in a jar, so you have to rub it in with your fingers. They do offer a stick, so if I go back, maybe I'll try it in that version.

Do you have any deodorants that you just love or recommend?