I grew up in Houston, Texas, possibly one of the greatest citites in one of the greatest states.  
Although, I may admit I am slightly biased.  But Whataburger, HEB, breakfast tacos...what is better than that?  I digress.


I graduated from University of Texas at San Antonio in 2013, and shortly thereafter I met my darling, patient, clean freak of a husband, Gabriel, while attending a new employee orientation.  I was the classic fall-in-love-at-first-sight girl and spent the next few months mooning over him and his three-piece suits, while he ignored me and focused on not drinking on Sundays and improving his dashing good looks and tall hair.  Until I decided to accidentally wreck into his truck, at which point he fell in love, and the rest is history or so they say!

Gabriel had joined the Navy when we started dating, and although I said I would never, ever date a military man (never say never, yall!), I knew that I had found my soulmate.  We were engaged within the year, and married at a courthouse in Waukegan, Illinois...city of my dreams.  Not really, but it was practical and I was planning my "real" wedding in Texas, that unfortunately was canceled due to Navy scheduling about four weeks before it was set to take place!  

We have settled in San Diego, California, for the time being, and welcomed our surprise bundle of joy in October 2016.  Dresden Zane is the absolute joy of our life, mixed with a little bit of laughter, and a few moments of terror as we realize we have no idea how to go about this thing called "parenthood".  I am so passionate about having transparency in our lifestyles, from the household cleaning products to the makeup we put on our face.  Food is a little bit more difficult, since I love eating and trying out new foods, but hey, there's gotta be a healthy balance, right?!